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App Lab Limited is a software development company currently specializing in Mobile and web applications development. There are 20+ mobile and web applications developed by us.

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Exclusive design

Apps are peerlessly designed and highly polished as artistic and enthusiast designs are utmost required from our designers which brought to us much appreciation and success

High Quality

We develop posh apps by maintaining the utmost degree of client satisfaction, their interest and desires at the forefront of all our thoughts, and devote the energy, resources and commitment required

Fully Secured

We shield customer's confidentiality and ensure date protection. We do not disclose our customers' data to any third party app

Excellent Support

Applab Ltd. has a good reputation of quality software and integrity in business dealings with support of 24/7. This has been justified with top-charted apps

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Here are the most popular apps of App Lab Ltd available right now worldwide.

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bo muck,

A very good app for music lovers to use when traveling I go to lots of places where I am offline and can not use SoundCloud to listen to music. This app is a great substitute. All you have to do to get any song is convert a song from a YT link to MP3 and import it into this app! It rarely gives you ads, and has many different functions. Such functions include looping, shuffling, and even editing songs! For a free app, it works amazingly well and I use Offline Music Player when listening to any offline music. For music lovers offline and online, this app should be your go-to for music playing.

Fabulous App

The app gives you plenty of options and opportunities to edit and change things. You can easily wirelessly transfer songs from your computer to this app effortlessly. You can edit the songs they are imported and change how they look from title to the track image. Perfect for airplane rides I never have to worry about anything on the plane. Just import your songs and edit them to your liking ahead of time and you’ll be flying in style!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

Alen Atrina

After researching different VPN app I found this is the most cheapest one. Even a free user can use this app without any hassle. Thumbs up to the developers.

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